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If you need that extra boom in your home studio, I recomend the KRK Rokit G2 powered studio monitors, they deliver amazing performance and accuracy for the home studio producer/artist at a very accessible price.
713FM Studios is currently looking for music producers, film crew, sound engineers preferably college students to help us out with some of our recording seesions and footage. If this is you; please respond to us at with your resume and contact information so we can get you started with our group of artists today.

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We Are World Wide Online 24/7!
713FM is an Online Multimedia Artist Network that Houston, Texas very own Scooppa conceived while living in the Lower East Side of New York City. Scooppa built his vision on one basic belief to help out the unprompted, unsigned, and signed artists to display there talent online for FREE!

713FM features several of the Hottest Dee Jay's, Underground and Main Stream Artists, we're always a big supporter of independent acts, labels and is always open to submissions from everyone World Wide.

Call in our 24/7 Request Line: (713) 853-9473 or Email Us: anytime!!